Thursday, May 31, 2012

Fun In The Sun

Hi Guys!
Time for a new challenge at Mo's!
This week we'd like to see your Weather Related cards.
I decided to use Mo's "Its Hot" image and color it on kraft with my usual prismacolor and Lyra pencils.
I printed off a sentiment from the computer and used some of my favorite prima wooden buttons to pull it all together. Hope you like it. :)

And a close up of the image:

I thought the dog looked a bit like a bluetick coonhound so thats how I colored him up.

Thanks for visiting.
Happy Crafting!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Mail Time

Hi Guys!
OK, so go ahead say it. A nice big double DUHHHHH! 
Yes, I just noticed now that I forgot to color in the bird. :/ Rest assured that the recipient will have a colored in bird but as much as I love you all I'm not going to go back and take new pictures/ edit/ watermark etc. So! There ya have it.
 And now don't go and tell me that you wouldn't have noticed if I hadn't said anything cos you know it glares at you like a headlight! And if you didn't notice you probably "speed blog hopping". lol
THis week's challenge at the Kraft Journal is
Emboss and Embellish
so I hope you can play along with us!

Image: Tina Wenke
Colors: Prismacolors and Lyras on kraft

Thanks for visiting!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

A Friend Is....

Hi Guys!
Well todays card was the end result of  two days of frustration. For some reason its hard getting back into the swing of things when you've been away and I colored this stamp twice before I decided it was "decent enough" to go on a card. Still not happy with it but you've got to walk away at some point. :)

Sentiment TLC (I think)
Colors: Prismacolors
Ribbon: Crafty Ribbons

Thats it for today!
Thanks for visiting :)

Friday, May 25, 2012

Bunny Zoe Sale

free glitter text and family website at
Belles & Whistles and many 
High Hopes - 25% OFF
Offer ends Midnight, Sunday 27th May

Thursday, May 24, 2012

World Traveler

Hi Everyone!
Today we have a fun new challenge for you over at Mo's Digital Pencil!
World Traveler
You could use any travel stamp, ethnic themes etc just use your imagination and come up with something awesome!

Image: Mo Manning "Out There"
Colors: Prismacolors and Lyras
Paper: Bazill
Prima Button: Bunny Zoes
Mesh: Bunny Zoes
Punch: Martha Stewart

I can't wait to see what you all come up with!
See you around!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Coloring Red Hair on Kraft

Hi Guys!
So today I would like to show you how I color red hair on Kraft cardstock using Prismacolor pencils.
I have written the steps on the actual pictures so you don't get mixed up. :)
I am using a cropped digi  called "Peaches" by Mo Manning to demonstrate, 
Step 1)
Lay down a layer of Terracotta in the shadows of the hair.
Step 2)
Lay down Pumpkin Orange on top of the terracotta and work inwards. 
We're only doing light layers.

Step 3)
Continue with Mineral Orange

Step 4) 
Add Nectar

Step 5) 
Use Peach in the highlights.

Step 6) 
Now add a touch of cream to the highlighted areas.

You might think we're done but we're not.
Step 7) 
Work your way back down the color range back to terracotta, blending as you do so.

Step 8)
Now its time to really work the shadows. Add Dark Brown in the deepest shadows, then add a few touches of Poppy Red scattered throughout.

Step 9)
A bit more dark brown in the shadows and some cream to highlight the lightest areas.

And the last picture you see all the colors used and finished result.
Hope you had fun!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Truffles For Two

Hi Everyone!
I decided to make something a little different for today. I had ordered these cute truffle boxes a while ago and thought they'd look awesome all decorated. Keep in mind they fit a truffle so they're small so forgive me for not over embellishing they're a wee bit well, wee.
So this week's challenge at The Kraft Journal is:
Remembering You
So this project would be great for an anniversary gift.

Whimsy banner stamps

And so you can get an idea of the size, here is a picture below of one box next to a ferrero rochierre (have no idea how to spell that~ I don't spend much time looking at the package when I'm wolfing them down. lol). They're about the same size as a truffle. This box would also be perfect for miniature peanut butter cups. Especially , you know, if you buy a bag for a friend and eat most of them yourself, you can still package up the remainder and they think youre so thoughtful.

Unfortunately I tied the twine before I added the candy so.....I sure would hate to untie that perfect knot.....oh well, best not let chocolate go to waste :)
Happy Eat Crafting!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Princess Miserella

Hi Guys!
So today I have another "just for fun" card. I hadn't played with my penny black cats for a while and as you can see it was putting pussy in a bad mood. :) Or maybe its the pond water she's been drinking bothering her stomach. lol
She was so much fun to color! Those stripes were a dream!

Image: Penny Black
Colors: CarbOthello Pastel Pencils
Papers: MME "Honeycake"

Thats it for today!
I'm just back from the beach today (If I haven't drowned myself)  so you've all been reading my pre programmed posts this last week. Sorry that I haven't been able to comment on all your creations but I hope to get caught up in a day or two when all the sand is brushed out of the house and the snarls ripped out of my hair :).
Til then, Happy Crafting!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Going Around In Circles

You ever feel like you're going around in circles? Well I sure did making this card!
This week's challenge at Mo's DP2 is:
A Circle Card
shhhh this is my very first circle card. (and probably my last too, but I might surprise myself. lol)
I don't have grand nesties so this card was made with the normal circle and circle scalloped nesties. So its fairly small which spooked me a bit but I needn't have worried much about that as Mo has a series of  digis that work perfect for itty bitty cards. This one is called Fat Cat. She also has one for dog lovers called "Bronte Bits" and another of Bears called "Beary Busy" They're all real cute!
Ive done my usual and colored this on kraft with Lyras and Prismacolors.

And this week at the Catered Crop we are looking for your
Ric Rac
I just loooove ric rac! Trouble is I don't have much of it so I've  been rationing it out. :) 
But this is such a small card I figured I could spare a piece. :)

So there ya go! Two fun challenges for you to get a handle on! Maybe you can combine them and get to enter both that would be fun!
I'll see you around the WWW.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Basket of Friends

Hi Guys!
Well its a new challenge over at Bunny Zoe's and this challenge is really no challenge at all since its:
Anything Goes!
As you see I broke out a bit of purple paper today, not my favoritist color but see when its mixed with yellow I can take just about anything! :)

Image: Wild Rose "Kitty Picnic"
Colors: Prismacolors and Lyras

Thats it for today, have a great week everyone!

The Kraft Journal~ Thanks

Hi Guys!
Well its time for a new challenge over at The Kraft Journal!
This week we're all making some Thank You cards.

Image: Penny Black
Colors: Prismas and Lyras on kraft
Paper: MME "Darling Deer"
Dies: Nesties
Button: from stash

The exposure is a little dark on these, sorry.
You know, I don't often use a stamp twice but I think this is the third time I used this little cutie, he's useful for so many occasions.

Thanks so much for coming by!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Eat Dessert First

Hi Guys!
Well this is a recipe card that almost got lost in Blogger Drafts, I had made it "just for fun" but never got around to posting it.
The stamp is an ooooold Stampin Up image and Ive colored it with CrabOthello Pastel pencils on pastel paper. The paper scraps are MME from the Lost and Found series.

Image: Stampin Up image stamped with Momento ink
and colored with CarbOthello Pastels
Paper: MME: "Rosy" and  Best Creation "Mom's Kitchen"
Twinery Twine in "Pink Sorbet"
Glittermist in "Pearl"

Hope you can read my writing on the recipe card, and hey, if you can, can you let me know what it says? lol

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Nutritional Overachiever

So any of you know the feeling when you get all your summer clothes down from the attic and find that everything but one lousy pair of shorts (that you didn't even like anyway) has shrunk? I say its the heat of the attic but the scale says differently.Liar!
Thankfully my sister is in the same boat (and she doesn't have an attic so whats her excuse?) so we can joke about it together. I made this card for her.

By the way, what kind of idiot weighs herself with a towel on? Doesn't she know it adds at least two pounds? More if its wet. Nope, say no to towels. I only weigh myself first thing in the morning, before I get a glass of water and after Ive gone to the bathroom  lol. Yesiree, Ive outsmarted that scale more than once!

Oh but I havent told you all what the challenge is this week at Mo's!
Dang! I forgot to go over my black lines! Man, I hate that!

Don't you love the position of her toes? Oh look! I weigh 13 pounds ! I guess I was feeling rather skinny! lol

Can't wait to see all your hilarious projects! 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Duckie Update

Fiona (our male crested runner duck)
Hi Guys!
A few of you have been asking me lately about my ducks and wondering if I still have them. Well yes we do!
We did lose three ducks a month or so ago to Botulism when they were mucking around in our compost heap and unfortunately by the time they exhibit symptoms til they're gone is so short a time frame (about 24 hours) that theres little anyone can do to stop it. But the 19 remaining ducks seem to be doing just fine.
We've had to build a 200 ft fence in the water ,essentially closing off a portion of the pond for them to swim in because a neighbor (also on the waterfront) decided she didn't like the ducks swimming into her yard.
She complained to the sheriff so if we didn't pen them in we would have been fined~ so much for living in the country.
Anyway here's a few shots my daughter took of them the other day, they're not all here (not all would cooperate) but you can see some of them. :)

Midnight (Black runner duck) with Betty and Amelia (Welsh Harlequin) rooting for bugs.

Cuckoo (fawn and white runner duck)

Maybelline, Midnight, Penny&Cocoa (they're molting) with Lucy the cat

Silkie (Black Swedish)

Zoe and Maybelline (Roun and Blue Swedish)

Kibbles (gray runner duck)

Cordelia (Welsh Harlequin)

Polly (male Pekin)
Have a great day!

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