Friday, July 30, 2010

Some of you might remember when I first brought my duckies home from the post office..(for those of you who don't click here)
Well all babies grow up. .So I thought I would bore you all with some coming of age pictures. Here, at left they are just getting ready to pick themselves a few cayenne pappers. (I managed to stop them swallowing them..can you imagine? lol)

Oh! By the way! Remember my egg story?   That little egg that I said surely slipped out in a fart, it was so tiny? Well would you like an update? I cracked it open today while making pancakes. And guess what? There was no yolk! So see, I was right! The chickie was no where near being ready. It was an " Oopsie! Beg  your pardon " moment. lol
Either that or it was a super hero chick in the making. Stay tune folks for  "The Invisible Chicken"! Hahhaha

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Udderly Moo-velous

Well I didn't think I'd have time to craft til Monday but I managed to sneak in one card today. I was telling you all about Bugaboo's sale (til July 31st) and well, of course I had to buy some. And then..of course I had to color some....and then, well I had to see what it would look like in a there you have it! Isn't she moovelous? Here's a close up:

and a detail of the ribbon:

I did faux stitching on this card because my daughter still has my sewing machine. She borrowed it for her quilting class and yes, I'm having withdrawel. lol My recipe is as follows:

Image: Bugaboo
Colors:Prismacolor Pencils, Distress ink (antique linen)
Ribbon: Offray, and checks, dashes and dots
Buttons: From stash
Papers: DCWV and Paper Pizazz

Hey! Do you want to see my creation in progress?

I made this card to fit the following challenges:

Fab N' Funky:  Buttons and Bows
Dutch Dare Challenge: Anything Goes
Paper Play: Anything Goes
Fussy And Fancy: Pink and Black
Really Reasonable Ribbons  black and white

That's All Folks!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bugaboo 50% Off Sale

Hi Guys! Just a quickie. I wanted to let you all know what I discovered bloghopping last night before bed. Bugaboo is having a moving sale and everything is 50% off. They have a special code you punch in when you check out. Yeah, I may have bought a few  C'mon digis aren't much anyway and now they're $1.50 apiece! I had to make hay while the sun shone! Have fun everyone.:-)
 They really should be paying me commision...... hahhaha


Once again, its WOYWW! So what's on YOUR work table today? Mine is covered in cards waiting to have their butts stamped.

If you look close you can see my notepad where I have all the daily challenges sketched out and jotted down. And below is my personalized name stamp all inked up.
This (above)  is one of my card baskets. It was full to bursting. So that I also have a box full of finished cards on the floor. (below)

Crazy, isn't it? Well it was getting so ridiculous, I finally bit the bullet and went to a shop in town to see about selling some of my cards. Turns out the proprieter likes them very much and wants some in her store.  She's starting a new shop on the other side of town and would love to have a greeting card maker. (Its a homeade giftshop type place) So.......exciting and scary and fun all at the same time. I hope we can work well together as I really need to get these cards moving! I think many of you can relate to that. :-)
Have a great day everyone and thank you all so much for you comments and support.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Friend With Chocolate

THis is my second post today and yes, I am still doing my fun colors . :-) Its rainy outside and I'm feeling the need for sunshine! Today's card is using one of my favorite companies that I'm sure you're all getting sick of by now, Lili Of The Valley. LOL I just love love love their images. They're so suited to colored pencils. Here's the front of my card:

and my recipe:

Image: LOTV
Colors: Prismacolors
Papers: Assorted from stash
Buttons: from stash
Sentiment: Inkadinkado
3D sticky pads: Recollections
Cardstock: DCWV
Bulldog Clip: Deja Views

A closeup of the image:

And the sentiment below:

And last but not least the yummy buttons. Are these not good enough to eat, everyone? I swear you have to tie my hands behind my back to keep me from licking them.  Yeah yeah I hear you, " Whaaaaaattttt?? Since when do you need hands to lick something?"  Oh nevermind!  Here's my card. Do you like it? LOL

I thought I would enter it into:

Pile It On: Plastic (buttons in this case)
Crafty Creations: Happy Or Sweet
Creative Cottage: Touchy Feely

Thanks for looking! And have a great day everyone!

Live Laugh Love

It occured to me that my cards recently have been of the somber sweet nature and while that's all well and fine, I didn't want to risk being pigeon holed as a soppy romantic. (Something my friends know that I am definately not! lol.) I decided it was time to shake things up a bit! It didn't take much deliberation to choose this insufferable character from Bugaboo! lol Isn't she great? I often turn to Bugaboo when I want a good diversion from sweet little kids, teddy bears and tea parties. I even dug out of my scrap bin this tooth achingly acid-sweet pink paper for the background. Here's a front view:

Aah yes, the woman herself. When I see this old lady I think of my grandmother "Nanny Nan" the "Queen Of The Red Hat Society"! lol Only my grandma looks a little more friendly in her dollar store dress up red plastic hats and feather boas. She'll do anything for a laugh. Rather like someone else we all know and love! Hahaha  But anyway back to the card!

C'mon  woman, smile! It keeps your teeth in place!

My recipe is:

Image: Bugaboo digi
Colors: Prismacolor pencils
Paper: a bit of everything
Flower: My own conglomerate creation
Sentiment: Bugaboo
Bradz: so old the company is probably out of business
Embossing Folder: Cuttlebug
Stitching: Machine done

Below is a close up of the sentiment and flower:

Oh! By the way. I ran into some trouble when my daughter admired my card this morning. She didn't "get " the joke. "What are depends?", she asked. Well, that would depend  in what part of the world you hail from! Here in the US depends are diapers. Adult diapers if we're being proper.
Oh dear, that just reminded me of the occasion I had to buy some "depends" for my mother inlaw who we were caring for with ALS. She had lost so much weight I didn't know what size to get and lets face it its embarassing buying adult diapers. So first I went to Walmart to see if I could find some normal kids diapers that were for larger kids (as there's lots of large toddlers in the states ) so that I wouldn't have to humiliate myself in the adult diaper section. As I was analizing all the larger diapers a woman beside me asked,   (people in the states are quite friendly)  " so how old is your kid? 
 " Seventy four",  I said..

I was back to square one. the diapers didn't fit and I had to go out and buy real adult diapers. I chose a small pharmacy that I reckoned didn't get much business and who kept their adult diapers on the far wall where no one would notice me. It was bewildering! Who would have thought there were so many? I felt like a man in a tampax aisle. I must have paced that aisle a hundred times. And horror or horror, here comes this nicely dressed old lady to get something herself. She stops short when she sees me and says, "Honey, don't tell me you need these already!"

In the end she helped me find what I wanted as she "had expeience." :-)

I would like to enter this card in the following challenges:

Bugaboo: Summer
Frosted Design: Lyrics "Live Laugh Love" by Clay Walker
Crazy 4 Challenges: Photo Inspiration
Sentimental Sundays: fun and games, humor.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Baby Congratulations

Well I wish someone would go and have a baby so I could offload some of my baby cards! I love this stamp by BellesNWhistles and keep using it but like I said no one is obliging me by giving birth. For materials I used:
Image: BellesNWhistles
Colors: Graphitint Pencils, copics for skin
Papers: Assorted from stash
Ribbon: Celebrate It Basic, and Dashes, Dots And Checks
Sparkly silver studs: Recollections
3D Foam Sticky Pads: Recollections
Saclloped Edge: Martha Stewart Punch

Front view:

A close up of the image below

And the upper detail:

and the lower detail:

I made this card to fit the following challenges:
Play Date Cafe:  Photo Inspiration
Fussy& Fancy Friday: Stitches, Scallops and Sparkles
All Sorts: Baby/Child
BellesNWhistles: Monochromatic
Totally Gorjuss: Congratulations

So that's my card for the day unless I get ambitious and make one this afternoon while Tweet is having her Quilting class. Oh! by the way.... I had some excitement yesterday.Do you want to hear about it? Of course you do! lol

 A new use for Cutter Bee scissors everyone! A rat snake somehow managed to get himself caught in the plastic mesh covering our duck cage (which isn't used much now that our ducks are grown, and in fact we put the mesh over the cage to keep snakes out in the first place!). Well, he got about 8 inches of his body through an opening in the mesh  and then as his body got wider he couldn't go forwards or backwards. Poor thing. :-( 
Thankfully it was plastic mesh so I could cut it with the aforementioned cutterbee scissors. But then the dumb animal slithered through the cage and tried getting out the back end  of the cage and promptly entangled himself  all over again!! This time he was mad and kept striking, so I had to get my husband to keep his head down with a couple of sticks while I cut him free. He wasn't a full grown rat snake, he was about 36 inches long and about as round as a quarter. And rat snakes aren't venemous although they can bite. See picture here of a larger one we had in the garden in the spring. (See Stacey what a good friend I am in not posting anymore snakey pictures :-)

Okay well I guess that's all I have to tell you this morning. Enjoy your breakfast. :-)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Say Aaahhhhh

This card has more in it than meets the eye. I wonder, now that its all put together why I bothered with the bits that "don't meet the eye" lol I'm talking about the embossed background paper. Why did I do that? I thought it would show up more, but never mind. Here is a front view:

and my supply list:
Image: LOTV
Colors : Crayola Crayons and "goo Gone"
Papers: Assorted from stash
Ribbon: Checks, dots and dashes
Flowers : Handmade from cannibalized silk flowers and buttons
Stitching: Machine done
3D Sticky foam pads: Recollections

A close up of the image:

And the button flower stitching detail. You see, I'm experimenting with a new stitch on my machine. Is it cool or what?:

Bottom right detail:

Ribbon detail:

I would like to enter this in the following challenges:

Paper Romance: Brown, Teal and White
LOTV:  sketch
Stamp Something : flowery somethings

Have a great Sunday everyone!!!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

All About Eggs

A friend of ours has chickens. Some people say chickens are some of the dumbest animals on God's earth.  Sometimes I hope  for their sake that they are, but I know if someone said that about ducks I would vehimently disagree. Anyway, that has absolutely nothing to do with my story. Suffice it to say,  we get given eggs fairly regularly and today I opened up this dozen to make a lemon merengue pie.

 I did a double take.

                          Now this egg was small!!! (a cherry tomato on right)
Well,  I don't know about you, but  I can't help thinking about the chicken who laid it. :D I mean,  if this egg was allowed to hatch just how small would that chick be???  Have you ever seen some eggs that are so big you can almost see the  Mama chicken's eyes  widen as big as saucers and hear that "squuu-aack" ten miles away as it comes out? . Come on, I know you do! (lol) While other eggs,  well,  as you can see for yourself,  other eggs must  just kinda .....

                                                                slip out in a fart!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Beadz Blogaversary Candy Giveaway

Hi Guys! Just a quickie post. I wanted to let you all know about a super duper blogaversary Candy Giveaway that Gina is having on her blog . She is being ever so generous and it looks like whoever wins is in for a real treat!! Stop by and join in on the fun. :-) ((((Hugs)))

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hi There!

Well today I am doing something that I never do. I actually made a boy's card! Don't ask me what I am going to do with it, but I'm sure I will find a use somewhere... lol Actually, I am doing another new thing today! I am trying out the new updated post loader. But to be honest, its very frustrating. My typing seems soooooo small and I hate this box they've put around my post but I don't know how to remove it! aaarrgghh but anyway! Back to the card!
My recipe is as follows:

DPs assorted from my stash
Image Lili Of The Valley
Colors Crayola Crayons and Goo Gone
Ribbon Offray

Stitching Machine done
Buttons assorted

Here is a frontal view of the card:

and a closer view of the colored image:

and the buttons...

and the bow!

I follwed the challenges below in making this card:

Cooking It Up With Katie Buttons, Bows and Blue
Color Throwdown color recipe
Paper Play Challenge Blue, cream and color of your choice
Simon Says sketch

Thanks for coming by for a look! Have a great day everyone :-)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Happily Ever After

Hi Peeps! I hope you've had a good day. I had the most wonderful icecream today. It was a new flavor by Ben &Jerry's called "Mission To Marzipan" . Yummo! In a waffle cone too. So I was in a good mood to create something cheerful. :-)
Todays card was such fun to make. I made a few mistakes but then used them to create an even better creation. My recipe is as follows:

DPs assorted from my stash
Image Lili Of The Valley
Colors Graphitint pencils
Pearls Recollections
Flowers one handmade with papers and silk petals, the others by Recollections
Stitching Machine done
Scalloped edge Borderabilities

Here is a frontal view of the card:

And a close up of the sweet couple.....

This is the handmade flower and pearly/stitchy area. The small flower at the center of the large bloom and beside it is not handmade.

And the bottom detail...

Well I hope its been worth your stop over to see! I'm really pleased with how it came out.I love these muted colors. They work so well for a wedding card, don't they?
I am entering it in the folowing challenges:
Paper Sundaes Handmade flowers
Creative Craft Challenges Here comes the Bride
Thanks for coming by and taking the time to leave some love. It's much appreciated. :-)

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