Friday, October 26, 2012

A "Pin"teresting Time

OK, so its been almost a month with no card to show you.
It feels .....GREAT!! lol
As you know, I'm having a little break from cardmaking to work on some other projects/hobbies that have been neglected while my nose was deep in paper.
So what's been happening?
Well, I discovered Pinterest for one. :) I mean, I'd visited Pinterest before but in the last month or so I have had opportunity to really see what it was all about and let me tell you~ Where has it been all my life!
How on earth did we ever even perform a simple chore like take out the garbage before Pinterest? There is a household hint for everything!!
And before you pooh pooh it can I just say they are awesome ideas!!
As some of you may know, I love antiques. I even married one! lol Seriously, I have antiques laying all over the place but on Pinterest I have found some really cool ideas on re-purposing. For instance!
Below you see my antique sled table runner. Yup, you heard that right.
This sled was made in the 1800s but was missing a seat. My Dad added the seat and refinished it. Alternately you could find this sled hanging on the wall or above the kitchen cabinets. But theeeeen I found this great page on Pinterest on re-purposed table runners and my brain started turning....
C'mon is this cool is or is this cool!!
A close up...

Second project:
Hemming jeans while leaving original hem intact.
What the whaaaa??
Yup. On Pinterest. You can find this and other amazing stuff on my board "Sewing Tips".
Basically, if you need to hem four inches off your jeans you divide that measurement in half and fold your pants up 2 inches (instead of four).
Then sew around the cuff as close to the hem as you can. Then, fold the "cuff" to the inside of the jeans and tack in place.
Press. (I used my hair iron)
So here's the finished outside...

And here's the inside below...

And the best part is, you can let the hem down at any time when you need more length. All the original fabric is still there.
Of course, you could cut away that cuff and serge it if you didnt want any extra bulk.

Third Project:
Always keep your kitchen sponge dry, just add a bulldog clip and stand it up.
Tacky, yes. But hey, it works. All kinds of "Good Things To Know"  and " Household Hints" are found on Pinterest.
By the way, I know you're admiring my vintage burnt orange countertops and flange. Try not to be too jealous, I mean I know its glamorous and all but don't feel bad,  granite is nice too. lol

And speaking of the 70's....I have also been getting more use out of my crockpot.
Up til recently I used my crockpot more for keeping soup warm or cooking beans than making any real meals in it. But that has changed. I have made lasagna twice  as well as macaroni and cheese.
And they came out awesome!! I couldn't believe it!
Check out some recipes here.
I made them both for pot luck gatherings and they went so quick that by the time I got to the buffet counter there was like one spoonful left of each and everyone was raving about it.
I have no pics to show you but will try to take one next time.
OK, Ive bored you for long enough!
Hope you all enjoy the weekend.

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