Wednesday, December 8, 2010


 I'm afraid it's the commonest sight in our house:
 Pencil cases strewn about while I'm in my coloring madness. So in case you've been missing me the last two days that's what I've been up to!
A preview of upcoming cards:

The $5 bill is my daughter's allowance that I didn't get around to handing her yet.( If it was my own it would be spent!)
And a note on these pencils: They keep breaking on me!!!!
Ive just sent Sanford Prismacolor about 5 or 6 pencils to replace and by the time they come back I'll have another dozen to send them.
they're very good about replacing them (and also paying shipping) but its just a pain. I guess the warehouse or whoever I bought them from must have dropped the whole case.
I had a casheir do that to my box of  120 crayons once, she just all butter fingers drops my crayons with little more than a "whoops" and when I called her on it she said "Oh well, they're only crayons."
Well let me tell you she had to wait while I opened the box and inspected them all.

Here's something interesting!
One of our rain barrrels has a lid with a flower pattern on the inside. And when the water froze it made this nice tulip design.

Pretty cool, huh?

Well,  thats the extent of my creativity today. I'll be back tomorrow with a card. :-)
Thanks for visiting guys, and come back and see me, ok?



Apricot Bubbles said...

Hi Dorcas!
Yes I´ll definitely come back to see your card tomorrow :-)
Thanks for your long and funny comment on my post! So sorry, that your little highnesses were hoaxing you!
Oh, if it were possible I would have comped you to the café to 1 or 2 (or 3) pieces of cake :-) I´m looking forward to the invention of "beaming" persons ;-) !
Have a nice evening - I hope your hands are already warmed up by now after your excursion on the pond :-)
Hugs, Uli

Stacey G.- 2 Craf-t-4u said...

Wish I had a busy desk right now, that would mean I were crafting. Too much other busy stuff to do now, but hopefully in a few days. Need a few sympathy cards. Love the tulip impression. That is so cool!

Anonymous said...

It sounds as if you've been having fun.
Sorry to hear about your breakage and exchange, but good to know some companies stand behind their products.

DogsMom said...

ps- I had fun feeding the fish

alexa said...

What an amazing iced tulip! Your pencil collection is impressive, as is your ability to colour in all those cards :).

Anonymous said...

wow..that is pretty effective work :) you do colours lots of images in one time :)
as for the prisma crayon!yes you did it right....:) i cant imagine the cashier face when she was waiting for you inspect all the crayons :).by the way you bought crayons? not colour pencils?


Trina said...

Boy, I wish my space could be this neat as I worked! I don't make nearly as many cards as you do, and my area is always a complete mess...

Marjo said...

Awesome workspace, wish mine looked so good! Thanks for the peek and sharing. Hugs, Marjo #45

patriziawithaz said...

You look so organised Dorcas. Mine's a total mess and apart from lack of talent,that must be why I haven't achieved much crafting lately. Love all your work x

Maggie's Crafts said...

Lovely pics! Love the tulips.:) Thank you for sharing.

Pop over to my blog for my brand new blog candy!:)


Linda w said...

Can't wait till I can have a workspace, sure I can persuade hubby to make one now he's cardmaking too lol. Your pencils make me feel a little green, although I'd be frustrated with the breakables too lol. Nice impression on water barrel, hope you didn't need water for anything lol. Saw your post on Uli about having to 'rescue' their highness' lol. Typical lol. Hugs lin

Susan said...

Love the water barrel. Some people just do not understand how precious stationery is! At least they are replacing your pencils.
Susan xxox #13

Chrissie said...

Enjoy your colouring, I hate it when pencils persistently break! I must get around to using my Prismas again!
Chrissie #7

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pencil coloured images, shame they keep breaking, like you said, something must have happened to them some where along the road to your house! Love the icy flower bouquet!

Brenda 83

Annika said...

Mine keep breaking too :( Some of them won't sharpen at all. Had to buy about 20 new singles - they came and out of those about 5 won't sharpen without breaking! It seems to be a common problem with Prismas :(
Btw, what sharpener do you use? I have a Staedtler one but it's on it's last legs so need to replace it. Ideas??

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