Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Crochet Roses

Yes, I have had a bee in my bonnet as you can tell. :-)
The last few days I have ate, drank and slept flowers. But it's paid off. I was playing around this morning and came up with a rose pattern.
(I had looked online and  although I saw some rose patterns I couldn't understand them, so I had to improvise)

Here's mine:

Chain 20 (the smaller roses were made chaining 15. If you decide to make the smaller ones, you can make two roses out of one skein of floss. )
Ok, let's start again!

Chain 20
hdc in every chain link but start at the 3rd link from the needle.
At the end, chain 3 and turn.
2dc in  hole right at base of chain, then 3dc, 1sl st in every  top link from then on (going through both layers)
* just to clarify: you will have 3 dc and 1 sl st in every link.
Go all the way to the end and finish off.
It will look like a long corkscrew.
Now you just need to roll it up and sew the base. (so it doesn't unroll)
Add a bead or button.

Below are some ragdoll mums I made last night. Technically they're marigolds
(you can find the youtube video I went by in my tutorial section)
but I think they look more like Dahlias or Mums.
That'a my story and I'm sticking to it!

OK, I promise I won't bore you eternally with my crochet madness. 
It's a faze. I WILL move on. lol
My closest friends  will tell you this happens quite frequently. Just humor me.
Think of all the blog candy I can offer soon!! I can supply all of blogland with crochet flowers!
Yesterday I made over 50.
OK, maybe I shouldn't have admitted that...
I do NOT need treatment..I do NOT need treatment...


Linda w said...

They are fantastic Dorcas. I get like that too, I like to think its the practice makes perfect gene lol. I'm insanely making pearly pins at the moment. Going to be giving some away too as will never be able to use them all myself lol. Hugs lin

dj1952 said...

Wow, Dorcas. These are great. I love the colors you used, too. I crochet, and may give these a go sometime. They would definitely ship a little easier. Hugs, dj

Julie said...

Lady you have got it bad! If only I hadn't a couple of posts to schedule I'd get my hook out this minute! If only there were more hours in the day! Enjoy getting hooky and thanks for sharing your pattern,will let you know when I've given this one a go. Hugs,Julie.x

Ulina /Apricot Bubbles said...

Your flowers are awesome!!! I like the last ones most!!

Stacey G.- 2 Craf-t-4u said...

They keep getting better and better! They all are really good! It will be nice to have the variety. Yes this too shall pass, so enjoy them while they are here! LOL! I was hoping to see you today, but now I see you were deep in flowers!

Cheryl said...

wow hun these are just fantastic love them,hugs cheryl xx

patriziawithaz said...

They are all gorgeous Dorcas and I can see how easy it is to keep on making such pretty things x If I could - I would too xx
Ps. Put my name down for the Candy lol x

Mina said...

wow Dorcas these are amazing...now if only I could crochet I would be sorted
Mina xxx

terriavidreader (IN-USA) said...

These are fantastic. Maybe I can talk my mother-in-law into making me some. I can't do this -- I've tried!

Dana said...

Gorgeous, simply gorgeous!

Alice Wertz said...

wow! your roses are soooooo pretty! you even came up with the pattern? you are amazing! love love your crochet flowers!

Sue said...

Ooh these are gorgeous flowers. They look so good, it makes me want to take up crocheting again! I used to do it years ago. They do look good!

Sue xx

Babs said...

Hi Dorcas, Great flowers! TFS I'll have to give it a try. I have just posted your blinkie on my blog www.mybuttonsnbows.blogspot.com
I have been visiting your blog for a little while now and love your new look. Have a lovely evening,
Babs (your sis in Alberta, Canada)

Whimcees said...


Beautiful flowers! I love the name 'ragdoll mums' and I love these the best!

I hope this finds you well and wish you a great week!


Barbara Diane

Anita said...

Dorcas, these flowers are beautiful. If you run out of space I can send you my address so you can get rid of some of those little beauties lol!

ahlers5 said...

I love the flowers. I've wanted to try crocheting flowers for the longest time. I too found the directions difficult to understand. This actually sounds like something I can do. Maybe next week (hopefully) I'll be able to use one of these on a card. Thanks so much for the tutorial. I'm bookmarking it for sure.

petra,s cards said...

wauw gorgeous flowers!!!!
xx petra

Lila Castro said...

Hi Dorcas,
Dorcas these flowers are amazing.

dolcreations said...

Dorcas these flowers are awesome.I am going to have to make some of these.Or possibly wait for your blog candy! Those roses are darling. I have one question...what does the symbol Hdc mean. I have looked in my crochet books but it is not in there. Thank-you sooooo much for posting your pattern.

Yenni Natalia said...

Love those flowers especially on the second photo :) by the way how did you create the blurry photo shown on your blog :) love it!


The Wired Angel said...

How adorable, Dorcas... now you should just whip up hundreds and send them to all of your blog friends... right?

Thanks for the instructions. Peggy x

Julie said...

I've just made my first rose,:) just love it,off to make some more! Thanks,Julie.x

Ildiko said...

This is something for my mum to make I cant crochet boo hoo, hopefully when I go home in the summer to see my falks I'll have time to sit down and learn, then I've gotto figure out what's the english instruction means lol thanks for the fab tut

Annette Bowes said...

Gorgeous flowers! Thank you for the instructionsX:)

Lady Bug Stampers said...

wow these are so beautiful and I think this is what I am looking for I want to make roses for my card making and these look small enough. I will try the patten to see. do you have the pattern for the second flower what ever it is that you call it. the Marigold? Lol thanks for sharing.
Linda k.

Priscilla said...

These are adorable! I haven't crochet in years but I have to try these! Thank you.

Program Pat said...

The roses are beautiful. What size yarn and hook did you use?

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