Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Recipe for Crochet Flowers

As you all know, I have been trying to make my own flowers for some time with some success.
 But I haven't been entirely happy. 
My flowers weren't consistently good and I was frustrated as they often curled up on me.
  (my fault, but still)
In my quest for the perfect flower for my cards I have scoured the internet , blog hopped til my eyes were bugged out and pored over books. It was during one of these book-learning episodes this morning that I gave up and just started playing.
To my delight, I have created what is for me, my perfect embellie flower.
Now, someone somewhere may have created the same exact thing so I'm not going to be pedantic and call it 100% my own. But this is what I did:
Using a 3 1/4 mm crochet hook and craft thread

Ch 5, join ring. 12 sc. 
Starting in first stitch (but from then on in every other stitch) do the following
* sc, hdc, dc, hdc, sc, ch1*
This will make 6 petals. When you have finished the 6th petal, don't chain 1 just
slip stitch to the base of the 1st petal and finish off.

If you want five petals (like the flower in the center of the picture) just change the 12 sc in the beginining of the recipe to 10.

Flip your flower over. This is the finished side.

sc: single crochet
hdc: half double crochet
dc: double crochet
ch: chain

*and note, I am doing this in AMERICAN crochet terms. See below for conversion.

Video helps for crochet directions:
(I did not make these. :-)

Getting started with Crochet:

Single crochet:

Double crochet

Half Double Crochet

Chain stitch:

I always find it easier SEEING it done than reading directions. Hope this helps!

British vs American English Crochet Patterns
British EnglishUSA - American English
double crochet (dc)single crochet (sc)
half treble (htr)half double crochet (hdc)
treble (tr)double crochet (dc)
double treble (dtr)treble (tr)
triple treble (trtr)double treble (dtr)
yarn over hook (yoh)yarn over (yo


Julie said...

I'll have to give these ones a go too :) TFS Julie.x


Wow Dorcas - these are gorgeous - well done for working out your own design. My Mum tried to teach me how to crochet many many years ago (she was an excellent needle-woman), but I never quite got the hang of it - your instructions have inspired me to have another go!
Hugs, Sylvia xxx

Andrea Ewen said...

Thanks for the info, Dorcas...I want to try my hand at this as well, but the whole process feels so overwhelming! I don't know what any of those terms mean...I just want to be able to make that too much to ask? Apparently yes, I do need to put some skin in the game. I'll let you know when I attempt it and, like Stacey, I'll get your input and guidance :)
Love the look of your blog,'s beautiful!

Doreen said...

What a trooper, they are gorgeous and thanks for all the

cheryl said...

oh hun how clever are you,these are stunning hun,so beautiful well done,hugs cheryl xxxx

KristensCreations said...

Your flowers are great Dorcas! I have books and printed out pages of instructions for flowers and somehow they never quite come out, or are really hard to understand. I love the flowers I see in the pictures but mine are never so good. You did a great job! :)

Stacey G.-2 Craf-t-4u said...

This awesome. I feel like Andrea this is overwhelming, but I will try. I'm sure I will be begging for your guidance, but they are too pretty not to try. Great step by steps!

Nannieflash said...

Well done Dorcas youve really cracked it, they look fabulous, and you could always sew a pearl in the middle, or use a pearl brad. With love and hugs Shirleyxxxxx

Alex said...

Thanks for the videos, Dorcas!! I learned to crochet as a kid and I can do the basics but as I learned it in german I couldn't make head nor tail of the instructions I saw for flowers and didn't try. Now seeing what they actually mean makes it so much easier! I'll actually want to give it a go now *lol*
Yours turned out beautiful! Love, Alex

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