Friday, August 12, 2011

Ducky Update

Hi Guys!
Well a few of you keep asking about my ducks and wondering how they are. I figured the best way to tell you is to show you. My penned ducks are doing well but we are down to three free range ducks as one just got eaten two days ago by a fox or a raccoon. Not a turtle this time. I know because I found the feathers. :-( Turtles don't leave feathers.
Anyway, you'll notice in the video below the black duck to your right which I focus on and follow. That's Fibby, our crippled duck. You can see how he gets around quite well, albeit awkwardly .

These are our free range ducks below, looking into the pen where our penned ducks are.

(The photo below I am linking to Foto Friday.)

And Fiona the Crested Runner.

Gotta Love that Do!

 And Kiki sees a bird or a plane or superduck below:

And here is our garden, in the midst of getting ripped apart and replanted for a second crop for Autumn/ Winter.

We would be totally lost if it weren't for our rainbarrels. Here are 5 of the 15. They used to be pickle barrels but my husband added spigots and made rainbarrels out of them, a fairly common thing here in the South.

So that's all I have to show today, I hope you all enjoy the weekend!


LORi said...

Dorcas...what sweetie pies!! Thanks for linking and sharing your babies with us! I loved seeing a bit of your personal life!! And YES, I love that ducky do!! Hee hee!! See you next friday!!
Hugs -LORi

Debbie said...

Just lovely to see Dorcas. Your crippled duck looks fab and is managing well. I was wondering when you would have tiem to take some photo's. Thank you for showing them to us. Debbiexx

Debbie said...

Thanks for sharing..If your ears were ringing today,it was because I was thinking of you as I was taking some pictures of ducks. Not as cute as yours, but wild ducks. I went on my nature walk at Jamaica Bay lots of birds, egrets, osprey, ducks, geese, swans, etc..wanted to get a closer shot, but lots of signs "stay on the trail" I was afraid you would have to bail me out of jail my luck, the park ranger would come and I would say but officer I was trying to get a closer shot for Dorcas..and he would

Have a good one

Julie said...

Aaawwwww they sure make my heart feel happy!!! Thank you for sharing,it was such a lovely treat:)x

Marilyn said...

They are so beautiful, Dorcas! Happy to see that Fibby is doing great, looks like he gets around just fine. My youngest daughter adopted a little kitten from the shelter with a deformed hind leg and she doesn't know she's missing part of her leg. Does everything any other cat can do. Your Fiona's hair do is too cute...don't believe I have ever seen a crested duck before. Thanks for sharing these adorable pictures with us! Hugs! :))

THERESA said...

Thanks for the pic's, was just wondering yesterday how they are doing. Fibby is still a cutie, gotta luv that sixties hairdo..........hehehe
Good luck with the garden.
lotsa luv

Linda said...

Love your little ducks! Fibby is quite a resourceful little guy. Thanks for sharing the pics.

Stacey G.- 2 Craf-t-4u said...

Awwwww! So cute! Love the pic of the 3 white ones drinking water. So sorry another is gone.It is heart breaking. I'm glad all of the babies are still safe. Tina's hair is out of control! Looks like mine at the beach! Stands straight up! LOL Fibby is adorable and doing quite well! He is a fighter!

Nannieflash said...

Wow Dorcas old Fibby is doing brilliantly, sorry you lost another of your free range ducks, why do foxes have to be so darn naughty.
By the way thank you for putting me forward for CB sorry your leaving though it would have been nice to work with you. hugs Shirleyxxxx

Tine said...

Thanks for the update on the ducks, Dorcas. Sorry to hear about you losing another one but so please that Fibby is doing so well.
Tine :)

Linda w said...

They are all adorable, great to hear they are doing so well. Sad you only have three of the unpenned duckies left. Hope the rest stay safe. Hugs lin

Barb Hardeman said...

Hi Dorcas, it was great fun to visit your blog and to watch your video of the ducks! Fibby doesn't seem to be too addled at all, and certainly the other ducks accept him just as he is. Your daughter is very beautiful! You are a busy gal with garden, homeschooling, ducks, hubby and crafting! What a fun blog.

ps. I just noticed that you have another picture of a duck named Mephibosheth! Jonathan's son's name. How cute! Is this duck lame also?

Hugs again,

Barb Hardeman said...

Oh, I feel so stupid! The ducks are one and the same!!! The first bath picture is so cute!

Annika said...

I never would have thought I'd say that but I am seriously falling in love with ducks! They seem so ... lovely and have such quirky character.
Unfortunately nobody would want to look at pictures of my back yard - I kill plants just by thinking about them. I don't even need to look!

Ulina /Apricot Bubbles said...

Love your ducks :-) !!
It seems, that we have very "different summers" this year - while it´s hot in the U.S., it was rather cool here in the middle of Europe - and it rains nearly every day. This week the summer is back and I hope the heat will stay until next week... it was a short summer here...

Anita said...

Thank you for the duck update - I love seeing your pictures.

Alice Wertz said...

thanks for all the adorable duck photos, Dorcas! they are so cute!

Wuzim├Ądi said...

Great to see how they grew up! Thanks for your ducky update and the video! My favourite today is Kiki ;)
Have a nice weekend,

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