Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Just Monkeying Around

Hi Guys!
We went to the zoo yesterday and I just fell in love with this little baby chimp in the videos.
 Check him out, he's adorable!


Linda Wescott said...

How very cute, I enjoyed hearing the kids laughing too. Great video's thnaks. Hugs lin

Babs said...

Oh, that was so fun to see. Thanks for posting this Dorcas, it brought a big smile to my face, the kids were hilarious too, nice way to start the day. Thanks.
Luv, Babs

Debbie said...

That is just so funny. It is ages since I have been to a zoo, yet when I see this "monkeying around" I just love it. thanks for showing it to us. Debbiexx

Stacey G.-2 Craf-t-4u said...

Cute! Sounds like the boys had a great time!

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