Friday, February 24, 2012

Inspirational Quote

I saw this  inspirational quote by Ira Glass on "Painting My World" and thought it was very encouraging for all forms of arts/craft. 
I particularly like the "creative people have good taste" part. lol
Hope you like it too!


nancyparker55 said...

Hi Dorcas, You're right this is encouraging because we all go through these periods. I also find your work very encouraging. It always has a fresh appeal to it & your stitching is beautiful.
Thanks for the tip the other day...I really appreciate your advice. hugs, Nancy

dj1952 said...

Dorcas this is so true. I'm going through one of those moments myself. I know that my work is ok, but I don't think I'll be as good as others, and I feel that is reflected in the fact that my work is hardly ever chosen for the top work, while others seem to win every week. (I don't mean to be negative, just observant.) Hugs, dj

LilyPinkScraps said...

This is very encouraging - I'm going to print this off and have it on my craft desk to remind me to keep going! Thanks so much for this :)

Anonymous said...

Never a truer word said, a great inspiration!
Helen x

Tine said...

So true..... Might have to save a copy of this!
Tine :)

CG said...

Wow, how true. What about those with no taste LOL?! Thank you for sharing, I will be passing this along :)

runzalot81 said...

This is perfect :)

Linda w said...

Great advice. Practice does make perfect, but sometimes you need the encouragement to get past the difficult learning stage. Hugs lin

Nadine said...

I LOVE this quote! Im so glad you posted this because I never heard it before. I really like this: "Your taste is why your work disappoints you." I didn't realize there was this gap I was struggling to get through! I thought I just wasn't a good enough crafter.

I hope you don't mind but I'd like to repost this on my blog so hopefully more people will read this inspiring message.

Mahalo and aloha,

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