Saturday, May 15, 2010

Clear Stamp Storage

I did not come up with this idea. I found it blog-hopping one day when I was looking for a storage solution for my clear and unmounted stamps. I swear, once you've tried it you'll be desecrating all your CD cases. LOL. Not me, though. I'm asking around my friends!
ANyway, the one thing you must get right is this: Dont buy CDROM cases thinking they're the same thing as CD cases. They're not. They're thinner and they dont have a removable disc inset. And you need that cos you need to be able to remove that part.
Keep your acetate picture of your stamps and lay it on the inside of your CD case. Then you'll know where your stamps go when you return them and you'll see what you've got much quicker.
Thanks for looking. Hope this helps someone else. :-)


CraftyDee said...

I just LOVE the cat stamps!! You can never have enough of those :-)

Stamp storage is still one of my main craft storage issues, I've tried different options but neither worked for me. I have them on storage panels now, but I'm not 100% happy, so I'm still thinking about ways to improve it. The weird thing is that I'm chaotic and totally UNorganized, except when it comes to my crafting stuff ;-)

Jane said...

I knew about this but not tried it yet woudl it work for rubber stamps with ez mount do you know I suppose so?

DorcasDesigns said...

Yes, it would. Just use a bit of "poster tape" (its completely removable - and reusable) to stick your stamps to the case. Depending on how thick your rubber and mount is, you may not get stamps on BOTH sides of the case (like you can with the clear stamps) but it would definately work for one side.

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