Saturday, May 15, 2010

Storage Idea for Spellbinder's Nestabilities

Everyone needs storage. And if they're crafty they need lots of storage! :-) I am passing along a tip I have borrowed from others and found it works really well.
 Spellbinders Nestabilities. Aren't they great? When I first started buying them I kept them in their original packs, but found that the packaging scratched my fingers everytime I wanted to slide the dies out. Then I put them in CD cases but found that the sticky tape loses its stickiness and the dies all fall out as you open the case. What to do?
 I saw some really neat magnetic binders online but wanted something more immediate.
 Result: Clasp rings.
You can find them in the embroidery section of the large craft stores like Michaels. (apparently people use them to organize embroidery floss squares.) They cost about a buck apiece and I use one ring for two nestability sets. You could fit loads more on a ring but its easier finding what you want if you don't overload them, right? Here's a closer look:

I hope this comes in useful for someone out there.It definately works for me!


**ScrapcoLLector** said...

You are really neat! and your blog as well! my blog pretty messy :P

DorcasDesigns said...

No, you have a beautiful blog, Natalia!! And yours even plays music! (It scared the heck out of me the first time I opened your page. LOL)Now I want a tune. :-)

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