Sunday, May 30, 2010

My Grown Ducks

Yes, can you believe how big they've gotten? All grown up hoo. No, its nice to see them enjoying themselves as only bigger ducks can; swimming freely and foraging etc . Yesterday I spent a couple hours in the afternoon waist-deep in the pond clearing duckweed. It was rather backbreaking but I did clear quite a large section for the ducks to swim in. You can see the large pile of weeds there in the last picture. (that's one of TWO piles). They were getting hemmed in by it and its so strong I was afraid they'd get tangled. Tomorrow I will try to clear some more. (If my back is up to it. LOL


Jacqueline F. Graham said...

Dorcas, your ducks are so beauuuuutiful!!!! This is my first time seeing your little babes. (smile) LOVE the area where you live! Seeing your photos inspire me.....makes me want to watercolor. Wish that I bask in your area in person. How relaxing!!!

((((((Love you Sis!))))))

CraftyDee said...

Aw, they're all grown up! Gorgeous view you have there, is that your backyard? It is beautiful!

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