Monday, August 2, 2010

Bugaboo Tribute Song ( LOL)

  Well I have to say, Bugaboo has been so good to me. I just won 3rd place in the Catch The Bug challenge and so was able to pick out two free digis. I was so happy that I started  humming. Can you guess what? Click under the Bugaboo Badge and let me serenade you.

PS) Don't go giving me the stink eye three days from now when the song is still stuck in your head. :-)

Hugs All,


DORCAS said...

How cool is that. I love it. I think I only met one Dorcas many many years ago. I am so glad that we have met. I am looking forward to knowing you more Dorcas. Nice to meet you!

I do have the but you are also welcome to visit my That one focuses more on our everyday life.

Thanks again for dropping by



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