Friday, July 30, 2010

Some of you might remember when I first brought my duckies home from the post office..(for those of you who don't click here)
Well all babies grow up. .So I thought I would bore you all with some coming of age pictures. Here, at left they are just getting ready to pick themselves a few cayenne pappers. (I managed to stop them swallowing them..can you imagine? lol)

Oh! By the way! Remember my egg story?   That little egg that I said surely slipped out in a fart, it was so tiny? Well would you like an update? I cracked it open today while making pancakes. And guess what? There was no yolk! So see, I was right! The chickie was no where near being ready. It was an " Oopsie! Beg  your pardon " moment. lol
Either that or it was a super hero chick in the making. Stay tune folks for  "The Invisible Chicken"! Hahhaha


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