Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Crayon Tutorial Part 3

So I have gone in and added more color to her already blended hair and am happy with it

So I will move on to her posy etc. I am using the same greens I used in her jacket and have laid down the lightest first. The sun is going to shine across the celophene bag so I am leaving the front area white and carefully blending the color from the side areas into it.

Now I add the darker color and blend....

and deepen my shadows with a bit more dark green and a touch of sepia. My flowers I want to be fresh and light so I am using very little color. I ahve just picked up my pink crayon that I used for her cheeks (cotton candy) and given each flower a scribble of color. Then I go in with my tortilion and GG and blend away. See below:

I add a blue crayon outline to the colored image and blend that as well.

I am done!! I hope you had fun. It's nice to know what can be done with everyday supplies that most everyone has at hand. Happy coloring! :-)


Marilyn said...

Thanks for the fun tutorial! I'm going to have to give this a try! Great work, Dorcas!

Stacey G.- 2 Craf-t-4u said...

Who Knew! Looks fun. You make it seem so simple, but we shall see when I give it a go. If it looks like my niece did it i did something wrong. Nice job on the tutorial

Teresa / Trees aWard in Digital Stamps said...

Thank you so much Dorcas, for this series of tutorials on crayons. I can now use my stash thanks to you. Here is the proof that it works. http://treesawardincrafts.blogspot.com/2010/07/colouring-in-head-of-dragon-using.html

CanadianScraps43 said...

Oh my goodness! You are amazing! I looked at your boy card and thought "Oh this is so cool! I would love to know how to do that!" then below you say Valey images because I would love to have some?

J Tiedemann said...

Again,.. Adorable!!

I was wondering what the advantages are to using GG over baby oil,.. I see you mention it can be used, but you use GG?

Thank-you kindly!! :o)

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