Monday, July 12, 2010

Crayola Is Better

Well, I hate to be a snob but I have to say that Crayola is better than the dollar store crayons.:-) And it's not just the color range. You don't need many colors. But after my experimenting with generic crayons this morning I had to go out and buy Crayolas this afternoon and compare the results . This is what I found:
Crayolas are less waxy and so really blend and layer well. Who knew it?

Here I used "Goo Gone"and blending tortillions to blend my colors. Here is a close up of the girl with posy:

Not bad is it? And here is the boy with letter boat:

You know, I think if you got up really close you might be able to tell they're crayons but it's not at all obvious so its a good product to practice on. The tips are obviously not as pointy as a pencil but you can work with it and get some pretty good results.
NOTE: the faces were done with copics. I'm sure crayons would work but I just happened to have images already stamped out (and faces already colored) that I grabbed to practice on.
I would like to see what kind of flesh tones can be achieved with crayons. I will definately be practicing!


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

HI dorcas..can share more how do you blend the crayons? and what kind of inks and paper do you use (smooth or watercolour)?

Yenni ^_^

Annika said...

Been reading you experimenting posts - soundslike you've had fun and the results are GORGEOUS! Just to think you can achieve it with bog-standard crayons!

Andrea Ewen said...

There's nothing snobby about Crayola's, they are just made better, and are easier to color with! Glad your having fun with another coloring medium, can never have enough! BTW, your Crayola skills are awesome!

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