Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Machine Sewing On Cards

Yes, as my friends can tell, I LOVE sewing on my cards! Sometimes its pure convenience. I run out of my tape runners and I don't want to use glue sticks cos they bubble my paper so I just "sew" my card together instead! lol I've been asked what I use and its really very simple. I just use a normal full size sewing machine. Do you want my opinion of the craft size machines?
They stink!
Well , its like this:
The idea is apealing. A small portable craft-size machine is convenient. Its also much cheaper. And if you don't mind your machine flopping around your table like a dying fish while you're trying to sew it may be just the thing for you! but I surmise that you will be disappointed with it, find it awkward to use, and give up on sewing on cards altogether. That's my opinion. (you also need special bobbins and spools with these small machines)

I paid roughly $200 for my Singer Touch and Sew about three years ago. I use it for "real sewing" as well as paper sewing so its well worth the money to me but honestly even if I didn't quilt etc, I use my machine for almost every card I make , so I think that it's still worth the investment to me.

I simply click on the stitch I want. See how it lights up?

Put my paper in and oilla I'm ready to go! You don't need to use any special thread or do anything differently than if you were sewing fabric. Just insert paper, click the foot down and step on the pedal.


These are just a few of the stitches you can do with the Singer Touch And Sew. Are they pretty or what!!

One thing to keep in mind is to sew your panels before you add them to your card. Even if your stitching is very neat, most people don't want to see them on the inside of the card! Besides, its awkward to sew through all those layers!
Hope you've had some fun and oh! One more thing! Could you all please keep your firearms locked up. I don't want any vengeful husbands coming after me when they recieve their credit card bills at the end of the month!
Much obliged. :-)


Stacey G.- 2 Craf-t-4u said...

I'm telling Aaron when I get mine its your fault! LOL When I'm ready for the investment, A good one will be well worth it. I just have to stop spending money at Micheals or Hobby Lobby on "little stuff" to have some money for something big.

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