Friday, October 29, 2010

Nesties now available in super or slender

I need to take a deep breath cos I'm laughing so hard. And don't blame me cos this didn't come from my own sick mind but my friend's. Personally I would never have thought of it! LOL
People, I swear this is a cruel joke on us.
 Spellbinders is laughing up it's sleeve as they watch us crafters line up and preorder our very own super pack of nesties
 Keep looking and coming soon to a store near you will be nestie label 14 ~ now available in slender with wings! yay! 
People, the beauty of these pads, I mean, Nesties, (excuse me!) is their versatility.
 You can emboss them for that  "super" look  (able to hold 1/2 cup of embellies) or leave them clean and simple for light days.
Hmmmmmm....what shall it be today?
I think super today and tomorrow and light for the next three... or ,well, lets see how it goes shall we?

Dorcas :-)


Stacey G.- 2 Craf-t-4u said...

What kind of sick friends do you have?!!! Good thing I did not come up with this LOL! Ok maybe the thought crossed my mind! But not to post it!! You took it to a whole new level, but hysterical! I am still laughing. Aaron is not finding it as funny!

jules said...

he he!!!!!love it!

Linda w said...

Soooo funny lol

Annika said...

d'ya know, I never thought of that before I read your post and now when I look at them all I can see is, well, a pad. lol All that's missing from the picture is a vial with blue (what's up with that, are they trying to sell to aristocrats only or what???) liquid!!

Christine aka blankiefinder said...

Sputter... good thing I wasn't drinking coffee! LOL

Tine said...

I would not have thought of it I have to say...but you are quite right! Never liked that nestie shape anyway...maybe that's why. LOL.

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