Thursday, September 2, 2010

Organizing The Blingy Nightmare

Does any one else have this problem?
Above is the "bling bag" (the lesser known "blankety blank bling bag" say that 10 times fast! lol)
I needed a new system. See, my blingy buddies all love eachother so much they never want to part.:-) I always intended to keep my bling in their individual socks but somehow this never happens.
 So here it is all emptied out below in one " adhesive "whole:

And after I pried most of them  apart:
(which is a bigger job than it looks. Cos then you need to find where all the orphans go and bring them back to Mommy. (if they still have stickiness)

Here's what I did.
I had some binder sleeves laying around and I got n A4 cardstock sheet to slide in. (I first shaved a bit of one side to allow room for the bling to stand up without being squeezed)

And on the cardstock I rolled some runner tape to affix my bling sheets.

You can fit quite a bit on one sheet.
 Then slip it into the sleeve.

So below is my finished bling enclosed in their sleeves. I still have a few packs loose but they still had their plastic socks and  are a little bulky in size so I left them out.

I will now add this to my digi  ring binder to store.
Time will tell how well it works.
In the meantime,  I am very interested to hear what my followers do to keep their bling contained.
 Ideas, please!


Annemaritta said...

Here is my tip -

Your welcome, dear :)

Yenni Natalia said...

Haha...this idea is awesome..and it is extremely hillarious when you said the orphan! i have lots of orphans blings in my house..some eaten by my dog already..oops...


Stacey G.-2 Craf-t-4u said...

That is a good idea! I have the same problem as you are well aware of! I just bought a cd holder from Walmart. It is like an index card box, but a little bigger and it has 3 sections so I was hoping to organize a little at least with pearls and jewels. Don't know yet, but this is great too!

Linda Wescott said...

Love your idea. Mine is in little tubs and bags and stuffed into a clear plastic stacker shoe box. I have to pull everything out to find what I want....if I can remember what i have in the first place lol.

Andrea Ewen said...

Great idea! I have mine still in the blingy bag with all of them sticking together. Not enough energy to do something organizational with them. They can stay put for another few months :)

Annika said...

You just might have saved my sanity - all my sticky bling is tossed into a drawer and I NEVER find anything in less than bleedin 10 minutes there! Gonna try your solution out!

N Blackburn said...

This is a great idea!
I need more bling to organise :-(


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