Sunday, September 26, 2010

Outer Banks, NC 2010

Hi Everyone!
 I'm baaaaaaaaaackk!!!
I haven't made any cards yet, having just got back last night but here's a few pics from our vacation to hold you over. (Don't you just looove other people's vacation pictures? *yawn*)
I'll go as quick as I can.
Below is the house we rented for the week:

and the view from one of the back balconies:

Hmmmm.. well hey,  This one is better!

And a look down. Yikes!

Below is the walkway to the beach. This became a very familiar trot.

And the wild horses which we went 4x4ing to see:

Awww...they were worth it! (even if I liked the egrets that acccompanied them better! :-)

And below we have the sand dunes of Nag's Head.
 It was hotter than blazes this day and QUITE a trek up those dunes. I took my shoes off (flip flops) and walked in the sand;  but at a few places I had to kneel in the sand and kick my feet up to give them a break from the screaming heat. Isn't this how they mummified people in Egypt? Stuff their skins with sand? Doesn't bear thinking about, does it?

These poor slobs below have to lug their hang gliders up the dunes in order to glide off. Not sure that would be worth it......... can I just say that the sand is DEEP?

Here's my husband and daughter running ahead....yes, RUNNING, who are these people?

One of the sand lagoons. Pretty refreshing , even if it was only four inches deep....

And below the crazy Brit I call my husband. LOL

I might just add that this infamous hat did NOT COME OFF THE WHOLE TRIP. Yes, I swear it was fused to his head. Even while body boarding. I kid you not.

And me and my sister. Gotta dig the windblown hair. No more pictures of me. I got sun poisoning after this and my skin was all bubbles. (like bubble wrap). Yeah. Real pretty.
Moving On!
Look at our beachcombing results! How cool is this!

Yes, I did have to gut them myself but what specimens, ey?
And packing up to go home.....
I think we can fit one more suitcase.....

Ok, you can go log out now. :-)
btw, I am sparing you all. I took well over a hundred pictures. lol But! at the risk of losing my following I only show you a bakers dozen. Am I sweet or what?
Back to my pencils!
Hugs, Dorcas))))


Tine said...

Hi Dorcas. What great piccies of what was obviously a great holiday. Glad you had fun and hope your skin fully recovers soon ..... see, your sensible BRIT hubby was right to super-glue his hat to his head...& you can tell him that from me! LOL.

Annika said...

I am shamefully jealous!!! Although those THINGS on the bench look totally freaky... You look bleedin' amazing though, makes me want to diet. And shhh but I think your hubby is cute... not as cute as mine though, lol
Glad you're back!!

Rita said...

Thanks for sharing your wonderful pictures Dorcas. looks like you had a great time. Lovely to have you home again safely though. Hugs Rita xxxxx

Yenni Natalia said...

So happy to see you back!! love all the photos except the one with brown animals there..yaiks..i feel goosebump!

N Blackburn said...

Hey Dorcas,
Love your holiday pics! Glad you had a good time although really feel sorry for you with the sun-poisoning :-(
The blue sky's just gorgeous; it's miserable here in England!

Glad to have you back so I can keep up with you all :-)

Tasha xXx

Linda Wescott said...

Thanks, enjoyed sharing a little of your holiday with you...looks great fun. Fantastic house. gorgeous looking beach....the dunes makes me nostalgic for our family hols at Weston Super mare lol (your hubby will know, if you don't). You had to walk out three weeks across the beach to find the sea lol, but the dunes were roasting !! Of course hubby never took the hat off, he'd never get away with wearing that in good ol' Blighty, would he lol. Good to have you back, Hugs.

CanadianScraps43 said...

Wow Dorcas! I remember you telling me that you were taking this trip and boy does it ever look like you had fun. I know that you weren't around lately and I so missed you but this is your reason hey! The pictures are amazing and I will have to check them out at Flickr' if you put them up. This palce is beautiful and so great to see your funny hubby and your daughter gets prettier in each photo. Your look wonderful red bumps and all. I do see the resemblance between you and your sister but really there must be different eye colour. Your smiles are the same. Must have been so nice to see her. I have to admit that I am stupid and I am wondering what in the world are those creatures sitting on swing? And did you really gut these? You were joking right! Anyway just wanted to pop in and tell you I missed you and to be inspipred by some greatness because my Mojo is out the door too. Hugs.

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