Skin Tones on Kraft

With Lyra Rembrant Pencils
(click on picture)

With Prismacolors ~old version
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Coloring Red Hair on Kraft



Coloring with Prismacolors

Prismas vs. Lyras

Coloring Sky With Prismacolors

MultiCultural Skin Tones (lighter version)

AA Hair with Prismacolors

Colored Pencil Surgery

Color Mixing

Faux Stitching

Machine Sewing On Cards

Organizing Digis and Prestamped Images

Storing Spellbinder's Nestabilities

(by Sherry)

A Few Words About Coloring.....
For those of you who wonder  at my "cleverness" for mixing color I can not take the credit.I would like to recommend a book. This is the BEST BOOK EVAH!!
You will find all the lists for colors you need. I cannot recommend it enough!
 The author is Ann Kullberg.

Jen's wonderful Prismacolor Guide

Dana's fab Prisma chart

Merging Images

For those of you (like me) who are learning or interested in learning how to merge images, you can't do better than follow Debbie's FAB tutorial here. Thanks SO much Debbie!! I know it will help so many of us who are "Paintshop deprived" lol

*update: I tried it myself. Printed out her instructions , downloaded Paint.net and made my first merged image.
It worked just like she explained and I was so proud of myself :-)
There's no stopping me now, guys!!

How To Make a Lazy Susan Pencil Storage Unit
I NEED one of these!!
(click on picture)

Purse Box

Tissue Box

Template for Dresser card

Recipe for Crochet flowers

Crochet Roses

number 9

(felt flowers)


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