Monday, November 15, 2010

Blog Candy Grand Winner!

Hi All!
First of all I want to thank all 65 people who joined in my little blog candy game!
I really do craft with an interesting conglomeration of people and I so enjoyed reading a bit more about all of you. It was tricky to isolate my four favorite comments but I was ruthless and the top four were:
Daisy Chain
Lin W
Apricot Bubbles and

With the help of my little friends named Eeny Meeny Miney  and Mo I was able to choose one grand winner and that is: *drumroll please...*

Uli, if you could email me with your snail mail I can send out your lovely candy!

Thanks everyone for playing along!


Linda w said...

Congrats Uli, and it is nice to be in top 4. Dorcas that was a fun candy comp, thanks. Hugs lin

Annemaritta said...


Apricot Bubbles said...

Whaaat? REALLY?? I love my new friends Eeny Meeny Miney and Mo !!! ;-)
THANKS a lot!!!! This is really a surprise!!!
I´m speechless...
Will mail you my adress :-)

Tine said...

Congratulations, Ulina! X

Jess said...

Is it me in the top four?? I'm not sure whether this thing comes up with my whole name or not... guess I'm about to find out!

Congrats Uli!

CanadianScraps43 said...

Congrats on your win!

Daisychain said...

Hi Dorcas

Just got back to find this great suprise that I'm in the top four, it was great fun. I WILL answer your email, I've not forgotten.

Congratulations Uli on your win!

Hugs Christine x

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