Monday, November 8, 2010

Weekend Away ~ Valle Cruces, NC

Hi Guys! I'm baaaaaaack!
 We had a lovely time with our friends on their 20th anniversary this weekend.
(I couldn't think of a nicer way to spend someone elses's anniversary! lol)
This is the cabin we stayed in.

Yes, a real wood fire!.
 A bit of a story here. Jonathan brought in some wood one night and the next morning threw his coat on to go outside and get some more. A black widow (spider) was scampering up his sleeve.  They're usually quite slow but this one had obviously spent the night in the warmth of the cabin and was frisky.He was killed. (the spider, that is)
 Lesson: Always check both sides of the logs before you pick them up. 
Moving on!
Pretty lake below.
Me in my funny hat below. (I actually quite like it)

And our family below.
 And by the way, never take pictures from below. It gives you a double chin that I swear was NOT there before. (whoopie pies or no whoopie pies!)
Do ya like my boots?

view from our cabin:

The General store below:

Pretty cool, huh?

Yes, that's a real working post office!

They sold everything here, even coffins. (which my hubby had to try out)
I told him it was approriate ,as the sign near it said that the average life expectancy a hundred years ago was 49. He's 47 so I told him to find one he likes and get comfortable.

And an old flour mill, still in use today.

Hope you enjoyed the trip!



Edilza Teixeira said...

Oi Dorcas!!!

Que lugar belíssimo!!! Maravilhoso!!!

Nossa um lugar de sonhos!!!

Beijos e uma semana abençoada!!!

Kylie said...

OMG - how gorgeous! I want to have a nice mini vacation there. Oh, the serenity!
Have a greay day!

Anonymous said...

Oh my...what a beautiful cabin! amazing envy!! that is trully holiday! love the old looks from the stores and post office. thanks for sharing dorcas. hope you feel rejuvenate! :)


CanadianScraps43 said...

Thanks for sharing these pictures. I so love how this seems like a step back in time. I so love this general store. Johnathan seems like such a silly nut, but then again it seems like he's got great company with you being his mate. Lol! You two are so funny. I just want to say a huge Congrats on being chosen for Mo's Guest Design team. See! I told you your work/colouring was outstanding and you should be working with some great company. Now you know that I was right. Your one of the best colouring gals I know. Sorry so late with the congrats. Off to read more about this great event. Hugs.

Annika said...

I looove your hat!!! And that looks just my sort of a place - perfect for a relaxed weekend!!

Tine said...

Morning Dorcas...well exactly noon here now! LOL. Looks like you had a fab weekend away, you lucky things. I have a 'funny hat' not too dissimilar! LOL. Everyone laughs at me when I wear it, but I laugh the longest when it snows and everyone else complains of cold ears! LOL.
Tine :)

Tracy V. said...

I sooooo enjoyed the Trip. We go up to NC and stay in a cabin every year. Usually once in the summer so we can do some White water rafting and then again when it's cooler out. Not going this winter and I soooooo want to!! ;-(

Tracy V

Apricot Bubbles said...

Yes, I indeed enjoyed the photo-trip :-)
Sounds (and looks) like you all had a REALLY wonderful weekend!
Thanks for sharing your pictures with us!

Stacey G.- 2 Craf-t-4u said...

Cool pics! Black widow?!! Very glad he did not get bit! Good thing he tried out his coffin already! That was a bit creepy! I do like your boots. Still trying to picture them with a skirt! You hat looks very cute on you, but I can't get Elmer Fudd out of my head! Shhh be very quiet, I'm hunting wabbits! huuuuh! Where is that wascally wabbit? OK that is out of my system! No wait one more... It's wabbit season!... now I'm done! Glad you are back and had a nice time! Looking forward to getting together. Please where the hat and boots! LOL

Chris Olsen, Glowbug said...

Oh what awesome photos!! It looks like you had a blast!! The cabin looks very well equiped and what gorgeous views.

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