Monday, June 28, 2010

At Five Weeks

Just a ducky update. :-) They're five weeks old now and doing well. Well, pretty well. Gollywog, our black runner has developed an unsteadiness in his legs. He starts shaking if he stands too long. I have contacted the company and they say that it is because the baby food has too much protein which can cause leg problems. Thanks guys. We have started mixing the adult food in with the duckling food and also putting B Vitamins in their water as well as catching them small fish and bugs and supplimenting with vegetable scraps. Gollywog seems a bit stronger today. Here is Lulu. You can see her feathers starting to come in. She's at the "awkward age" of adolesence. LOL:

And here is Tweety (my daughter) fishing for the fish. (duh. What else do you "fish" for?)

And below is the sweet little Gollywog himself. Isn't he cute? Hopefully he'll get stronger and be ok. Where he is our only male runner, our chances of getting baby runners are zilch without him. Besides he's so handsome, the ladies love him!


Chelsea said...

Oh they are just so cute!

Stacey said...

They are cute! Sorry gollywog is hurt. Hope changing his diet helps. Cody is hurt right too! May be a sipder bite! Always something! He quite pitiful at the moment. Thought his leg was broken, but the doc doesn't think so.

**ScrapcoLLector** said... cute..i wish i could cathct them :P. adorable!!!

Donna said...

This is so cute, I did this many years ago, when my children were litte (over 30 years ago) , we hatched and re introduced these ducks back into the wild too, we had 4 white ducks, it was an awesome experience, many fond memories.!!

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