Monday, June 21, 2010

Coloring Fur With Distress Inks Part 3

So we're down to the yellow tabby on the top of the pile! :-)
We're going to be using the same method that was discussed in the last two parts of the tutorial so if you're coming in at this point, you may want to back up and have a look at the previous posts.
I will be using three colors in the yellow tabby:
Scattered Straw
Brushed Cordouroy
Worn Lipstick

So you can start off by coloring the whole tabby in Scattered Straw

Repeat again but this time only in the shadows. Pay attention particularly to her armpits, chin and inner leg. Also the side of her face. This will make the areas that would naturally protrude (her belly and face), stand out)

Now go over those shadows again . This time with Brushed Cordouroy. You can use circular motions to blend it in with the last layer of color. See how cute she's looking?

Finish up with coloring her paws and nose in the Worn Lipstick. I outlined the entire image with "Spectrum Blue" Derwent watercolor pencil. (using gentle circular motions).This gives an image the illusion of being outdoors without coloring in the whole sheet of paper.

You can even give them a bit of shadow underneath so that they have something to sit on. This can help "ground" the image so that it's not floating around in space.I haven't done that this time but I may do so in the future when I actually come to use it in a card.

Thanks for stopping by and if you come by in a day or two you can see what I actually create with this cutie patootie image!


**ScrapcoLLector** said...

Ohh my this image super cute.Thanks for the tuition..but i am desperately need to learn about shadowing...haiz

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