Saturday, June 26, 2010

Featured Stamper

Someone pinch me! No! Don't. I changed my mind. I bruise easily. lol
I was scrolling through my blog updates this morning, making note of the new challenges for Saturday when I saw myself as a featured stamper for Whimsy's Inspiration blog! Dude! How did that happen?
Some of you may see your name but it doesn't set your heart pounding cos you know that it may not be you but one of the other 200,000 people with the same name, right? So you have to kind of temper your excitement until you know for sure...
But as I have never yet met a Dorcas (and those who have met one are all about 96 years old) , on the rare occasion I do see my name in print or hear someone call it out, I have a pretty good idea that it's me. Its always been like that. That is, until "Lark Rise To Candleford" came out in movie form. I still have to get over the fact that that Dorcas is not me. But it's kind of nice hearing my name.
(Alright, alright, I was , that is, my name was, also in "Seven Brides For Seven Brothers" . Can we please stop talking about that?)
I digress...
Here's the page from Whimsy.
Thanks Guys!
You made my day!
I would blow kisses but I'm contagious right now, so I send virtual (((hugs))))


**ScrapcoLLector** said...

Well done!! i am sooooo happy for you!! see it is good to have blog! ^_^

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