Friday, June 11, 2010

Getting The Most From Your Nestabilities

Sometimes you may find (as I did) that your favorite Spellbinder's dies don't come quite large enough for your project. Well all is not lost. You can see here that the die that I needed to cover my image was the largest of the die set. But I still wanted a mat for it. So this is what I did. (by the way this is a stamp by "Whimsy" and colored with distress inks.)

First, cut a piece of cardstock to fit your image. Then tape your image down to the cardstock.

Like this! (sorry, you'll have to turn your head. Apparently "rotate " didn't work in posting)

Using a pair of sharp scissors (I am using Cutter Bee scissors here) follow along the lines of your die-cut shape. It does take a somewhat steady hand but it's not very difficult and no one is going to notice if it's not perfect. (you'll have to excuse my pudgy hands. The weather is changing.)

OKay! So now you have the finished product and you've really got your moneys worth from your limited dies. Hope this is useful to you. :-)


Anonymous said...

I do this all the time and I love it. I am glad you posted about it. I never thought to.:) Good idea. ;)

**ScrapcoLLector** said... really did cut it! thanks for the tutorial...i will give it a try but definetly i will be having a problem with cutting it as my hand is not stable enough :P.
but it is soooo beautiful!

thanks again dorcas

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