Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Storage Canisters

I can't resist them. I have been known to buy food items that have containers with reusable potential. Crafters can never have enough storage for organizing all their supplies and those of you who are my flickr friends will already know how many of these I've made! LOL

A list of supplies:

ScorPal Not essential, but useful for scoring straight lines once you've measured how big your paper needs to be.
Paper Trimmer Essential (IMO)
Doublesided Designer Paper I am using K&Co. It is thicker than normal DP, but not as thick as cardstock
Scortape Essential to use a strong tape
Ruler As you see, I have a flimsy floppy ruler but it works!

Here you see the double sided paper I am using. Like I said it is K&Co. Amy Butler series. I have measured my container and cut my paper to size. I am going to be using both sides of this paper as they coordinate perfectly and why not?

Now is time to lay your scoretape down on the reverse of your paper.Peel off the protective paper. Attach to canister. You want to be very careful because scortape is very permanant. You're going to have trouble if you need to get it up and might lose a few fingerprints in the process. LOL

I also want to decorate my lid. you dont have to but it looks "finshed" if you do. I measured my lid insert and it just so happens that I have a circle nestability that fits it perfectly so I go ahead and cut out my circle using my 3 inch diecut. I also attach this with scortape.

And the finshed product! Isn't it gorgeous?

wish I had something to put in it....looks like I need to go shopping...

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